32nd is a personal invitation to discover yourself and your most joyful moments in our soulful spaces

A visionary approach

32nd is an elevated, cultural and lifestyle community for the new generation. As a creative platform that’s focused on authenticity, 32nd partners with the world’s leading brands and tastemakers to continuously discover and incubate young, disruptive brands with unparalleled, high end offerings.

Over the last twenty years, 32nd has delivered 2.4 million square-feet of award-winning commercial, co-working, hospitality and luxury retail spaces across India. The brand’s portfolio features best-in-class brands including Google, We Work, Olive Bar & Kitchen, Greenr, The Piano Man, Como Pizzeria & Cafe, Carnatic Cafe and many more.

The Galleries, a first of its kind physical retail space and our newest offering, brings together 30+ young, disruptive and premium brands to the global market.

Curated, conscious and soulful spaces for the new generation

We build one-of-a-kind synergistic spaces that fit with Gen-Z and millenial values of authenticity, sustainability and creativity. 32nd believes in fostering spaces that allow creative minds to collaborate, experiment, learn, share and evolve with a larger community. For you, we create avenues for brand discovery, self exploration and self expression — from the world's leading brands to young, disruptive brands with high end offerings.

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